Sandra Bartocha – Sudden hailstorm

Andrew Raynor   The beauty of the Lofoten islands lies not only in the scenic mountain skyline and the sea … it is also the constantly changing weather. One minute there is the sun … the next minute it is snowing or hailing … Perfect conditions for photography. Image from our book LYS. Andy Raynor […]

Cindy Jeannon – A sweetness freezing

Andrew Raynor   After walking all day, I was listening the lights from sunset on the frozen lake. A mist growing, takes my bones and the trees. A sweet atmosphere visual for a sensation so hard cold. Andy Raynor Dover NH

Heike Odermatt – Spring

Andrew Raynor   It will not be long before the first bluebells are flowering again. A few years back I was very lucky when I went to the Hallerbos in Belgium. In the early morning the fog came up which gave a nice ambiance together with the fresh green of young beech leaves and the flowering bluebell […]

Alex Mustard – That Looks Tasty

Andrew Raynor   A juicy polychaete worm wiggles above the seabed. Or is it? This is the lure of a hairy frogfish (Antennarius striatus), tantalisingly dangled above the seabed of a sandy slope. The frogfish (out of focus here) is wonderfully camouflaged, disguised not only by being a very un-fish like shape, but also by […]

Iñaki Relanzón – Breeding season in the Falkland

Andrew Raynor   The breeding season in the Falkland Islands, begins in September. The black-browed albatross is one of the most beautiful birds on earth, at least to me. And the Falklands are the main breeding site all over the world. To sit beside a colony is a great pleasure, not only for wildlife photographers, […]