Irma Varrio & Ari-Matti Nikula – Kiutaköngäs Impression

Andrew Raynor   Kiutaköngäs Rapids in Kuusamo is maybe one of the most photographed place in Kuusamo. We have also visited there several times in different seasons. It is always fascinating to create impressions there! Kiutaköngäs information: The name of Kiutaköngäs says a lot, as the word “giuuhta” in the Sámi language refers to a […]

Markus Varesvuo – Treecreeper in autumn colours

Andrew Raynor   Treecreepers (Certhia familiaris) climb a tree trunk in search for food, looking for all the world like mice scuttling up the trees. You never see them come down because that’s not what they do, instead they fly off once they’ve reached a height, heading to another tree’s base and up the trunk […]

Alex Mustard – Happy Snapper

Andrew Raynor   I’d never photographed a crocodile before jumping in the water with this fellow. He was surprising docile to swim with, something I am pleased to report. Andy Raynor Dover NH

Iñaki Relanzón – The blow

Andrew Raynor   I’ve spent one entire month in Iceland during this summer, running 2 photo-workshops. Although I’ve been in Iceland more than 20 times in the last 20 years, every time i’m getting new opportunities. And this summer, the whale watching was incredibly. Lot of whales, mostly humpback whales, and a beautiful light in […]

Theo Bosboom – Behind the waterfall

Andrew Raynor   It was quite a struggle to get into the river, to wade to the waterfall, to get my camera in underwaterhousing behind it without getting too many waterdrops on the dome and to make a composition without seeing what I was doing, using the self timer to take the picture. But I […]