Healing Power of Nature

Andrew Raynor

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Nature print by Mark Graf accents a patient lodge at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital, Michigan

The heading of this post is really no surprise to those that already enjoy being outdoors, hiking, and exploring.  Most recently I experienced it being quite under the weather with a bad cold during my trip to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.   And while the symptoms were annoyances at times, and the cold remedy drugs perhaps clouded my clearest thinking, there is no doubting I did better out hiking around than just lying in bed.

These realizations aren’t just anecdotes of those that already enjoy nature, many institutions are taking this into account in biophilic architectural designs and choice of interior artwork as factors in evidence-based design.   These design choices have actual correlations to the well-being and mental attitudes of the occupants.   Every few months I see articles were written that support this, such as this recent one by renowned biologist E.O. Wilson on why parks and nature are good for your brain.   And so, some Doctors prescribe two doses of nature and call them in the morning.

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Cooling and warmth in the elements of nature in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula after the 1st snowfall in Fall

And if you can’t bring the actual living matter indoors, nature-themed art is working as a 2nd best choice.   Sadly many offices haven’t caught on to these discoveries, limited by budgets or their own corporate lack of vision and insight.    With our growing interconnectedness through technology, we owe it to ourselves to not forget the biologic connections that got us there in the first place.

While I can’t say I’ll always just take a hike during those times I’m not feeling so well, it is nice to know there is medicine readily available should I call upon it.

Andrew Raynor Dover New Hampshire

Andrew Raynor Dover NH

Andrew Raynor

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