Angel Fitor – Arrival

Andrew Raynor


Perhaps in conjunction with snakes, jellyfish, and a few others, octopusses are among those very special creatures of nature whom have the ability to inspire both fascination and fear in equal proportion. They have been present in our dreams since we got our human condition and as a result, most cultures developed a plethora of myths and legends on them.

One of my favourites originated on the Hawaiian people, where octopusses are believed to be the last living representatives of a previous alien civilization which lived on Earth before our arrival.

Trying to freeze a glipmse of such fabled character makes a beautiful challenge under the scoop of photography. But here, the story is a bit less cosmological.

This image is a studio shot depicting the intringuing and mesmerising patterns and forms of a juvenile octopus rescued from the deck of a bottom trawler, a fishery that sadly doesn´t tells apart earthlings from alien deities.

Andy Raynor Dover NH

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