Bruno D’Amicis – Resistance

Andrew Raynor


Every now and then I like to pay a visit to this particular beech tree. It takes a long walk to reach it, as it lives on a remote and windy mountain ridge, far from its nearest siblings.
This tree is there because it has survived the axe of man and braved the violence of many winter storms.
This tree must be very old. Its trunk is four times the width of my embrace and the top half of it is missing: it has been probably destroyed by the caress of a lightning. 
I like to sit next to it and listen to the wind shaking its leaves, and look together at the stars turning on on a summer night.

In a moment when everything seems going in the wrong direction, when madness makes some people think that a burning forest is better than a living one, when human protocols say that it is necessary to kill a bear in order to save a population, when a woman screams because an innocent butterfly has landed on the shoulder of her child,
I like (I need!) to think of this very tree.

I guess everybody should find a tree-friend: in difficult times, when you don’t find your place in this world anymore, only a silent friend like this can remind you the proper meaning of the word “resistance”.

To all the trees which have been burned in Italy in 2017

Andy Raynor Dover NH

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