Sepp Hackhofer – Fanes

Andrew Raynor


Again, the Dolomites, for me the most beautiful mountains, because I grew up here, because I still live here. One thing that always fascinates me are the different seasons. Now we are going towards winter, our longest season. Will there be snow? The climate change is going on also here. It has been very dry this year, again warmer than before. When I was a child we did not think. November was the month, when the snow arrived and usually a lot, enough for the whole winter. So let´s hope for it also this year, because the animals that remain in the mountains for the winter, like the ptarmigan, the chamois, the ibex, just to name a few, are very well adapted to it and live better with the snow than without, for several reasons. Snow gives shelter, snow protects from raptors and so on. And, snow looks so beautiful.

Andy Raynor Dover NH

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