Author: Andrew Raynor

Laurent Nedelec – The visitor

Andrew Raynor   The roe deer is a common animal here. When I go out for a silent walk in the forest, it is often the only subject I see. I like his face which seems to be delicately drawn by an artist. This female came to check my hide last month, while I was […]

Cindy Jeannon – A questioning wave

Andrew Raynor   “I feel torn between the need to stay still and the need to keep moving on – is this ambivalence or simply balance? – I strive to understand these contradictory feelings like winds, whirling inside of me. To seek out my own slumbering truth, far from this sleep-inducing world. I crave for freedom, […]

Dorin Bofan – Season switch

Andrew Raynor   Snow slowly falls on the Patagonian lenga forests found in Los Glaciares National Park. These forests offer unlimited, but highly complex studies in tone, color and composition. Pairing them with foul weather is the only thing that’s left. Part of the Terra Silva project I started three years ago. Hopefully, I’ll get […]

Alex Mustard – The Safety Of A Shark

Andrew Raynor   These two young Atlantic spotted dolphins (Stenella frontalis) were hunting a school of palometa fish (Trachinotus goodei). The fish, desperate for protection, have swarmed around a nurse shark ( Ginglymostoma cirratum) that was swimming lazily over the seabed. Extreme times can call for some pretty extreme measures.     Andy Raynor Dover NH

Iñaki Relanzón – Marine iguana

Andrew Raynor   The marine iguana is the only iguana linked to the underwater environment. The marines iguanas, endemic from Galapagos islands, feeds on sea grass, diving up to 20 meters deep. Andy Raynor Dover NH