Author: Andrew Raynor

Sandra Bartocha – Silence

Andrew Raynor   … the feeling when everything is silent … mist drifting through the bog … a little family of ducks is swimming by … almost unheard. Andy Raynor Dover NH

Laurent Nedelec – Tawny owl

Andrew Raynor   This year is incredible in the pyrenean forests : the beech fruiting has been so good that the forest is swarming with a multitude of mouses. It is the feast for all the predators, especially for the owls, like this tawny owl which is breeding 4 chicks not far from my home. […]

Dorin Bofan – Forest family

Andrew Raynor   A foggy day in Romania’s beech forests, a natural treasure of our country that, unfortunately, is facing a constant pressure. Illegal logging, bad laws, political and economical indiference, decisions based on financial gains. The fight is on though, sustainable living without making more damage is a possibility that some of us believe in. […]

Heike Odermatt – Mirror

Andrew Raynor   On a gray, cloudy day with no wind we arrived the Krossfjorden. It is June. Everywhere you can see kittiwakes flying, then far away, then close to the sailing boat, high in the sky or just above the sea… A little while the fjord seems a mirror between the many small ice floes. Andy Raynor […]