Author: Andrew Raynor

Sepp Hackhofer – Drei Zinnen – Dolomites

Andrew Raynor   The Dolomites are one of the most famous mountainranges within the Alps and also worldwide. The “Drei Zinnen” are one of the symbols of these beautiful mountains. I was born and grew up only a few Kilometers from this mountains, also called Tre Cime or Three peaks of Lavaredo. Even if hundreds […]

Zoltán Gergely Nagy – Hunter of the forest

Andrew Raynor   In late April I had a chance encounter with a Ural Owl, that didn’t seem to notice my presence. Just a short wait revealed that the owl was hunting to feed it’s 4 chicks that were on the trees nearby. Hidden in the bushes I had followed their lives for a few […]

Angel Fitor – The Mathematics of Life

Andrew Raynor   Johannes Kepler’s famous quote “Geometry is the archetype of the beauty of the world”, become meaningful on the plume of bristleworm Protula tubularia as seen at two times life size. Andy Raynor Dover NH

Werner Bollmann – Circus

Andrew Raynor   These lazy hazy days of late summer, when wasps visit overripe plums, when red admirals rest in sunny spots and countless dewdrops sparkle in spiderwebs after a cold night… Andy Raynor Dover NH

Bruno D’Amicis – Resistance

Andrew Raynor   Every now and then I like to pay a visit to this particular beech tree. It takes a long walk to reach it, as it lives on a remote and windy mountain ridge, far from its nearest siblings. This tree is there because it has survived the axe of man and braved […]

Niall Benvie – Spore prints

Andrew Raynor   There is no shortage of photographs of fungi but what is a lot less common, and interesting in its own way, are spore prints, such as these ones. In each case, a fruiting body was laid on a piece of textured paper overnight, causing the falling spores to create a pattern by […]