Author: Andrew Raynor

Theo Bosboom – Burnt bark

Andrew Raynor   Almost three years ago a wildfire destroyed a part of national park Hoge Veluwe, close to my home in the Netherlands. I went there a couple of days later without any plans for a photo project, but I was instantly grabbed by what I saw. The weeks after the fire I returned […]

Sepp Hackhofer – Dipper

Andrew Raynor   The dipper (Cinclus cinclus) one of my favorite birds. Even with below 20°C it seems to enjoy diving under water. Sometimes I can hear it´s song in December, from January on regularly. The dipper frequents fast flowing clear streams and feeds on insects under water. Now, beginning of April these birds are […]

Decennary Thoughts #1 | Shaking the Trees

Andrew Raynor An Idea… As my archive of photography grows, I often find myself wandering among older images I’ve made and questioning if I would have the same approach to a similar… The post Decennary Thoughts #1 | Shaking the Trees appeared first on Graf Nature Photography | Notes from the woods. Andrew Raynor Dover […]

Zoltán Gergely Nagy – Rebirth of the bog

Andrew Raynor   Chaos (or order) as spring returns to the bog and all the plants are racing to make the most of the sunny spring days before the trees shade over the forest floor. The way spring snowflakes and many other flowers manage to bloom at the same time has always fascinated me. Andy […]

Angel Fitor – Water winds

Andrew Raynor   The plain beauty of the ever-changing sand ripples on the luminous waters of a mediterranean beach. Indeed, subtle traces of the mighty dynamics of our Planet. Andy Raynor Dover NH

Werner Bollmann – Chagall at the Seaside

Andrew Raynor   Embedded in solid coastal granite tide pools are marvellous microcosms. A long-time exposure in late twilight reveals magical colours and forms – reminescents of a Chagall’s painting…   An image from LYS Andy Raynor Dover NH

Sven Začek – Breaking up

Andrew Raynor   Spring is here! Winter’s creations are being demolished just as winter sends its last snowfall to oversee the destruction. Andy Raynor Dover NH

Spring Awakening

Andrew Raynor Everytime I take a walk in our woods, I feel like it is a conversation catching up with what is going on lately. In these transition times of the year,… The post Spring Awakening appeared first on Graf Nature Photography | Notes from the woods. Andrew Raynor Dover New Hampshire Andrew Raynor Dover […]