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Cindy Jeannon – Dust of stars

Andrew Raynor   I was climbing with my pulka to carry the stuff for a workshop immersion into Vosges Mountains. The air was very cold but the sun gave me energy. Some snow fall from trees like magic dust. Andy Raynor Dover NH

Dorin Bofan – Family

Andrew Raynor   Although I’ve never been a big fan of heat and summer, it’s good to remember the alpine cold summer mornings as winter approaches. It’s going to be a challenge to take our little one for long treks outside, but as he grows up (he’s 8 months old right now), we plan on […]

Heike Odermatt – Last days of autumn

Andrew Raynor   The last autumn leafs hang on the branches. It will not last long and the colorful autumn is over. The colors unfortunately remained short again. Yet I have been able to take at least a few pictures of this most beautiful season. This one I made near to my home during sunset. Andy Raynor […]

Markus Varesvuo – Snow Puffin

Andrew Raynor   No wonder the Puffin is a popular bird motive in arts: it’s easy to read emotions across its face, it’s clownish – a mixture of funny and sad – it’s cute and charming. What’s not to like about them?! Puffins tend to be photographed in the summer, but they are arctic birds […]

Alex Mustard – Schooling For Food

Andrew Raynor   One of the best ways to stay safe from predators, for an animal, is to gang together with your buddies. There is safety in numbers. But if species want to make the best use of a food source, normally it is better to be alone. The more you have to share, the […]

Iñaki Relanzón – Black-and-blue

Andrew Raynor   Last year I enjoyed a beautiful photo trip to the galapagos Island. During one month I had the chance to visit many islands in a cruise ship, visiting very remote places. The wildlife was great and even with the very strict rules of the Galapagos National park, the animals were close enough. […]

Sepp Hackhofer – Fanes

Andrew Raynor   Again, the Dolomites, for me the most beautiful mountains, because I grew up here, because I still live here. One thing that always fascinates me are the different seasons. Now we are going towards winter, our longest season. Will there be snow? The climate change is going on also here. It has […]