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Angel Fitor – Layers of life

Andrew Raynor   A seahorse clings onto a colonial tunicate, which in turn has grown around a seagrass stem in the shallows of Mar Menor coastal lagoon. This is how life thrives; in layers. Like masterpieces of painting, tones are carefully shaped by overlaying layers of primary colours in a way that an image becomes […]

Bruno D’Amicis – Mysterious lake

Andrew Raynor   While on a mission for L’Altro Versante ( project together with Luciano Gaudenzio we’ve photographed in the Lagorai area of Trentino, one of the wildest parts of the region. In the heart of this area, the lake of Cima d’Asta or Brentari, is a marvel of deep blue waters reflecting the surrounding […]

Niall Benvie – Rock ptarmigan

Andrew Raynor   As early as 1998, the World Meteorological Organisation and the  UN Environment Programme had set up the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change to investigate the claims of some scientists that the fossil fuel combustion was contributing to an accelerated warming of the planet. Few now question the validity of the science although […]

Cindy Jeannon – The wave

Andrew Raynor   After two gray weeks, the sun comes out to give a new perception of the mountains. Blue sky and warm sensation. I was climbing when I saw a cloud cross a path of the mountain. I went until this summit, a sea of cloud was quietly posed on the other mountain slope. […]