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Theo Bosboom – Damsel close-up

Andrew Raynor   I have been photographing damselflies for more than 10 years now. It was my first macro subject nad it is still one of my favourite subjects in summer. You could say it is a sort of addiction. The combination of beauty and elegance on the one side and cruelty and fiercelessness on […]

Oriol Alamany – Summer afternoon with foxes

Andrew Raynor   Last week I have been in the Navarra Pyrenees mountains trying to photograph Wild Cats. And I come back home without any Wild Cat photos but with a lot of lovely ones of Red foxes. That’s the real nature photography, always unpredictable. Navarra Pyrenees,Spain, july 2017. Andy Raynor Dover NH

Sepp Hackhofer – Snow in July

Andrew Raynor   Haskerdingur, Iceland along the highest part of the Landmannalaugar-Trek (Laugavegur) even in July the snow has not melted yet. This image was taken from the top of Sodull, just above the Hrafntinnusker hut. Black sands are blown over the snowfields and create very special patterns and designs. The mountain-pyramid in the back […]

Zoltán Gergely Nagy – Golden swarm

Andrew Raynor   Clouds of mating mayflies. As the day came to an end so did the life of these aquatic insects. Once changed into their final, winged forms, they emerge from the water and have only a very short window to mate before they perish. Doing it all at the same time greatly improves […]

Werner Bollmann – Tundra Carpet

Andrew Raynor   Right now the tundra is in full bloom – beautiful carpets in all colours cover the barren land for some precious weeks. This plant is called Lapland cornel, and although it looks like a “normal” herb it is rather a little shrub. Its colourful fruits in reddish pink will appear in autumn, […]

Niall Benvie – Harlequin ducks, River Laxa, Iceland

Andrew Raynor   It’s funny how photographs that you saw early in your photographic life stay in your mind over the years. One of the books that had most influence on me in the early 1990s was Tom Mangelsen’s Images of Nature. While the pictures may look a little dated now, they had an authenticity that […]