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Healing Power of Nature

Andrew Raynor Nature print by Mark Graf accents a patient lodge at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital, Michigan The heading of this post is really no surprise to those that already enjoy being outdoors, hiking, and exploring.  Most recently I experienced it being quite under the weather with a bad cold during my trip to […]

The Scenic Overlook

Andrew Raynor Westward fall views at sunrise of Presque National Forest, Isle, and Lake Superior, Michigan from atop Sugarloaf Mountain. I suppose anyone that has done any road tripping has come across the signs… Scenic Overlook Ahead.   In the Detroit area, it may as well be an endangered species, if not extinct.   That […]

My Happy Place

The White Mountain National Forest. Over the past two weekends I’ve had the pleasure of leading a handful of workshop clients, (one all the way from Jordan!) throughout the White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire. From waterfalls to high mountain peaks to beautiful autumn foliage, the WMNF is my Happy Place! This slideshow requires […]

Seasons Change.

Days grow shorter, night falls cool and crisp, The landscape becomes awash in color, A last show of defiance before white. Autumn in New Hampshire is late this year, not according to the calendar of course, but when it comes to the spectacular fall foliage the region is known for, the north country is only […]

Let Me Show You The Granite State.

Planning a visit to New Hampshire and don’t want to waste any of your precious vacation time trying to find the best spots to photograph? Let me be your guide. I now offer both personal and small group photo workshops and tours throughout New Hampshire. From the rocky seacoast to the White Mountains, waterfalls to […]

Up Close And Personal

When photographing landscapes, especially with a wide angle lens, I often place my lens closeup to my foreground element. Doing so accentuates the prominence of your foreground in the composition by giving the illusion that it is larger than it really is. Below are a few examples of how I used a wide angle lens […]


Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.  In no particular order… (I think I got them all. But if I didn’t I’m sure someone else HERE did.)

The Last Train, Long Ago.

No more calls to board, The last tickets to ride have long ago been sold, Even the rails no longer pass, Broken in spirit, Yet not ready to succumb, Maplewood Depot, Bethlehem, New Hampshire