Theo Bosboom – In the marble palace

Andrew Raynor   This picture was taken in the Marmorslottet (‘The marble palace), a beautiful canyon in Northern Norway, close to the city of Mo i Rana. The canyon has got very interesting and spectacular rock formations, eroded by a glacial river during a period of thousands of year. Although the area is pretty small (maybe […]

Getting the Bugs out

Andrew Raynor   This is an apology post for anyone that may have visited here in the past, oh I don’t know, 6 months, maybe more – and experienced a slow loading… The post Getting the Bugs out appeared first on Graf Nature Photography | Notes from the woods. Andrew Raynor Dover New Hampshire Andrew […]

Oriol Alamany – Snow leopard at twilight

Andrew Raynor   In a winter evening a female Snow Leopard (Panthera uncia) begins it’s day after resting for hours on a cliff ledge on the Himalayas, at an altitude of 4,100 meters. I was shivering because of the cold, but suddenly the most sought-after photograph of my life as a nature photographer became a reality. Being the mountains and the felines […]

Sepp Hackhofer – Hidden moon

Andrew Raynor   Usually I am more a spontaneous photographer who likes surprises, but sometimes I remember particular situations and I am tempted to repeat something after some years. So I walked up the mountain in moonlight, knowing the moon would be going down just before sunrise in a magical morning light. But soon I […]

Zolt├ín Gergely Nagy – Crystals of the stream

Andrew Raynor   After two weeks of waiting for a Lynx, ones senses become incredibly refined, sensitive to the slightest movement, sound and change in the forest. Even to the new ice that has started to form on a fast stream nearby as the temperatures really started to drop. Watching it stretch and expand so […]

Illusions of Lake St. Clair

Andrew Raynor One of the characteristics I like about photographing here on Lake St. Clair is that the location lends itself to simplicity of the landscape.   Many people who see these… The post Illusions of Lake St. Clair appeared first on Graf Nature Photography | Notes from the woods. Andrew Raynor Dover New Hampshire […]

Angel Fitor – A walk on the hills

Andrew Raynor   While travelling across the seductive micro landscape within the arms of a sea star, a diminute skeleton shrimp appeared into scene giving a new dimension to the plain texture of the echinoderm. Andy Raynor Dover NH

Werner Bollmann – The Return

Andrew Raynor   It is these days the huge flocks of guillemots return from the high seas to their breeding places in Northern Norway. Before entering the steep cliffs they gather in great numbers on the sea performing a kind of group display which looks like a fantastic water ballet – a really unique sight. […]

Roy Mangersnes – Skywalker

Andrew Raynor   In November 2016 I was invited to the south China province of Yunnan, to cover the natural beauty of Dehong region as part of a eco tourism project. The goal was to capture the beauty of Dehong and to talk at a conference in Mangshi about the possibilities in eco tourism. One […]