Alex Mustard – What Did I Eat Last Night?

Andrew Raynor   No, this jawfish didn’t drink too much last night. In fact its hard at work digging his burrow, by filling his mount with piles of sand and then swimming and spitting them out. Andy Raynor Dover NH

Iñaki Relanzón – Melting glacier

Andrew Raynor   Melting glacier in Iceland Do you want to join me in my next winter photo workshop in Iceland? Only 4 spaces left. Information here. Glaciar derritiéndose en Islandia ¿Quieres unirte a mi en mi próximo viaje fotográfico a Islandia en invierno? Sölo 4 plazas libres. Información aqui. Andy Raynor Dover NH

Theo Bosboom – Green leaves

Andrew Raynor   It is always a wonderful sight when the trees turn green again, especially the beeches and the birches. If you want to photograph them in this period, you have to take care, because the fresh green colour lasts only a short while and before you know it is over again. To let […]

Oriol Alamany – White Storks over rocks, Wild Clouds #1

Andrew Raynor   White Stork (Ciconia ciconia) breeding colony over rocks at first light in Monumento Natural Los Barruecos. For some years I have been working on a personal photographic project called “Wild Clouds”, about the esthetic relationship of the wildlife with the clouds in the landscape. Against the tendency to photograph the wildlife by […]

Sepp Hackhofer – Spring-forest

Andrew Raynor   I live in one of the most central Valleys of the Alps, the Puster-Valley/ Pustertal/ Val Pusteria. The central-alpine climate is dry and the forest is mainly coniferous. The most common tree here is spruce (picea abies). We also have Larch (Larix decidua), Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris), Stone pine (Pinus cembra), Mountain […]

Angel Fitor – Chromatophores´forest

Andrew Raynor   Chromatophores are the cells responsible for color in cold-blooded vertebrates, and some groups of invertebrates. They contain pigments, or reflective crystaline structures that commanded by the nervous system, can change their shape giving as a result the illusion of color under the observer´s naked eye. In the case of fish, chromatophores can […]

Werner Bollmann – Fragile and Fragrant

Andrew Raynor   Elegant shapes in the dusk, an almost infinite palette of greens, the scent of spring in the air and a robin singing in the underwood. Has there ever been a winter?   An image from LYS. Andy Raynor Dover NH