Angel Fitor – Apprentice

Andrew Raynor   Right after leaving the nest, a yellow-legged gull chick strengthen its webbed feet as it finish the devolpmemnt of its plumage, and learns about the opportunities and dangers of its emerging life. Andy Raynor Dover NH

Bruno D’Amicis – The great one

Andrew Raynor   No, “the great one” in this picture isn’t Denali in Alaska, but our very own Mount Blanc. With its 4,810 meters of altitude, this is the highest peak in continental Europe. Together with my colleagues of “L’Altro Versante” project, on December 2016 I’ve organized a photo mission in the Aosta Valley in […]

Niall Benvie – Slovenian toadstool

Andrew Raynor   Ok, for once I’m not ashamed to say that I don’t know the name of this Slovenian toadstool with its spores dusting the surrounding leaves like caster sugar. I grew up with my nose stuck in field guides so that I often recognise plants (in particular) from having studied pictures of them […]

Clinton River Restoration

Andrew Raynor Yes, I am still here.   It seems my hiatus from making updates to my notes here went on much longer than intended.   Some of it due to writer’s… The post Clinton River Restoration appeared first on Graf Nature Photography | Notes from the woods. Andrew Raynor Dover New Hampshire Andrew Raynor […]

Laurent Nedelec – red deer

Andrew Raynor   Above the forests and during the peak of their rutting season, the big stags can bee seen belling in the mountain. This is the less discreet scene of the nature here, on a par with the migration of cranes. Andy Raynor Dover NH