Alex Mustard – Convict Tangs

Andrew Raynor   Although coral reefs are famous for their corals, there is also tremendous growth of seaweeds there too. So why aren’t reefs green and covered in seaweeds? Well we don’t see large seaweeds when we dive on a reef because they are eaten almost as quickly as they can grow by the herbivores. […]

Theo Bosboom – Hot earth

Andrew Raynor   The earth is burning at the geothermal area near the Brennisteinsalda mountain in the Landmannalaugar region in Iceland. In 2006 this was my first acquaintance with Iceland on a trip that changed my life. It was great to come back here with a nice group of people in 2017, the area still impressed […]

Oriol Alamany – Marine cliffs

Andrew Raynor   Fulmars in flight in the high cliffs of Sudurøy island, in the Faroe archipelago. This photograph reminds me the old oil paintings of the Renaissance. Andy Raynor Dover NH

Sepp Hackhofer – Mountain forest

Andrew Raynor   This beautiful mountain forest is formed by Larches, Stonepines and Spruce. In Autumn, after the first frosty nights, the needles of the larches turn only for a short period into a beautiful shining orange colour. Fogs are rising from the valley and give the landscape a mystic touch. The Image was taken […]

Angel Fitor – Neptune´s Garden

Andrew Raynor   Posidonia oceanica meadows are the most iconic Mediterranean marine habitat. The plant is greatly responsible for the idyllic image of a pristine sea that every year attracts millions of tourists from everywhere in the world. Ironically, it is massive touristic development what is driven these surreal undersea prairies to collapse. Losing Posidonia […]