Heike Odermatt – After fire

Andrew Raynor   About a month ago there was a heath fire near my home which needed several days to extinguish completely. About two weeks later I was there on one place and I was surprised how much green there was again. The forests had been saved only some trees on the edge of the forest […]

Markus Varesvuo – Preying Peregrine

Andrew Raynor   With three fast-growing chicks in the nest, this Peregrine parent was working hard with its partner to feed themselves and the chicks. It takes quite a toll on the other birds in the area to raise a new generation of Peregrines (Falco peregrinus).   Taken at midsummer, just short of midnight, the […]

Theo Bosboom – Night in the forest

Andrew Raynor   What a great experience it is to walk around in a primeval forest in a pitch dark moonless night. I had gone to the Rauriser Urwald in the Hohe Tauern in Austria in the evening, so I could find a good location for night photography. I have chosen these trees because the […]

Oriol Alamany – Backlit Puffins

Andrew Raynor   Puffins (Fratercula arctica) are always photogenic, one would never tire of taking pictures of them. After a few hours photographing them with “normal” light, in the late afternoon I stood absolutely backlit to capture them with the glitter of the sea highlighting their amusing silhouettes.   Andy Raynor Dover NH

Sepp Hackhofer – Spot-on Monte Sella di Sennes

Andrew Raynor   The view you can see on this Image is taken from Dürrenstein, a Dolomite-Peak that is standing like an Island in the sea, just a bit isolated from the surrounding mountains, but not too far away. A wonderful spot for landscape-photography. I dont remember how many times I´ve come up here for […]