Laurent Nedelec – return from hunt

Andrew Raynor   In the early morning, a fox comes back to his den after hunting for his youngs. Here the foxes are legaly killed, even in summer, even at night, while a person is paid to trap the small rodents. Strange, isn’t it ? Andy Raynor Dover NH

Heike Odermatt – The 4 future kings

Andrew Raynor   Who would now think that these 4 brown ‘wool balls’ will become beautiful static king penguins? On Saunders Island there is only a small colony of breeding king penguins. And this was the little creche at the time I was there. I liked these formation of the chicks in the foreground and the […]

Markus Varesvuo – Moonstruck eiders

Andrew Raynor   Or maybe the photographer is moonstruck…   Either way, it’s a thrill to try and get a bird into a nice moon frame; mostly the bird is too high or too low, or nowhere, when there’s a full moon rising on a clear night. Out at sea offers good opportunities, because the […]

Iñaki Relanzón – Aurora in Iceland

Andrew Raynor   Days are already very hot in the place where I live, now. Is time to dream again with the cold and beauty of Iceland in winter. I took this image of a great aurora at the Jökursárlón lake in Iceland, last march. If you want to join me in a new photographic […]

Theo Bosboom – The glow in the dark

Andrew Raynor   This picture contains some of the key elements that make Iceland so special for me, even after so many visits: the dark empty stone desert of the interior, a beautiful mountain range in the distance and most of all the mood and the light. This scene was captured on the Kaldidalur highland […]

Oriol Alamany – Lioness in the grass, Wild Clouds #2

Andrew Raynor   Lioness (Panthera leo) looking for prey in the grass of a savannah in a cloudy morning, Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya. For some years I have been working on a personal photographic project called “Wild Clouds”, about the aesthetic relationship of the wildlife with the clouds in the landscape. Yesterday it was the presentation of the first […]