Sepp Hackhofer – Marsh Cinquefoil

Andrew Raynor   The Marsh Cinquefoil (Comarum palustre) or (Potentilla palustris) is growing in marshland. It flowers in may or june with dark red Blooms (Blutauge = blood-eye). Already in August, when nights are getting cooler it´s leaves are slowly starting to Change colour. That´s the time when I look every year for it, trying […]

Zoltán Gergely Nagy – Storm serenity

Andrew Raynor   Zoltán Gergely Nagy – Storm serenity A quiet moment during a violent downpour. Great White Pelicans, Danube Delta. Location: Romania Posted on: 07/09/2016Photo info – 03.06.2016: NIKON D800, 420 mm, ISO 900, f 7, 1/1000 sec, Flash: not used Tags: Danube delta, Great white pelican, rain, Romania Andy Raynor Dover NH

Angel Fitor – Ancient design

Andrew Raynor   With a four hundred million year body design that has barely changed from its original scheme, the silhouette of a shark is among the most prevalent images in our collective idea of the ocean. One of those icon creatures that at some point, somehow, we integrated in the same genetics of our […]

Werner Bollmann – The Shadow

Andrew Raynor   The king of the vast forests, mysterious and powerful, an icon of the untamed northern nature and one of my favourites in our new coffee-table book … LYS – An Intimate Journey to the North… Location: Finland Posted on: 04/09/2016Photo info – 16.09.2012: NIKON D3S, 500 mm, ISO 200, f 5, 1/50 […]

Sven Začek – Rainfall

Andrew Raynor   Fast cloud movement and strong showers is the trademark weather in Sarek National Park over Rapa river delta. I was lucky that the rain was falling a bit far away and made a nice photographic opportunity rather than soaking me. Location: Sweden Posted on: 03/09/2016Photo info – Autumn: Nikon D3x + Nikkor […]

Roy Mangersnes – A hot year

Andrew Raynor   In 2016 it seemed every month was a record warm one in the Arctic. It wasn’t like the average temperature were sky high, but a slight increase from the year before, and the years before that… Many people don’t even raise an eyebrow over a 0,5 or 1 degree increase in the […]

Bruno D'Amicis – Bruno D’Amicis – End of summer

Andrew Raynor   In the Apennines, at the end of summer clouds and rain often hide the top of the mountains. Mountains which the sun has been baking for more than three months. In this invisible environment, swallowed by a persistent fog, the colors vary from gold to grey, from olive green to blue. I love this […]

João Cosme – Discoglossus galganoi

Andrew Raynor   João Cosme – Discoglossus galganoi Location: Moutain Caramulo, Portugal. Posted on: 30/08/2016 Photo info – 24.10.2012: NIKON D300, 105 mm, ISO 320, f 3, 1/500 sec, Flash: not used Tags: anfibios, João Cosme, Rã-de-focinho-pontiagudo, Wildlife Andy Raynor Dover NH

Niall Benvie – Golden plover at dusk

Andrew Raynor   There are quiet a few things to like about Iceland but for me one of the best is the abundance of many species of animals and plants that are on the absolute edge of their range in my native Scotland. Another nice feature is that montane species at home can be found […]

Jonathan Lhoir – The White stripes

Andrew Raynor   Chipmunks are very common in Canada. They gave me good opportunities to take a lot a pictures of them. Here, I was attracted by the stripes of the stairs and those of the Chipmunck. Location: Québec Posted on: 28/08/2016Photo info – 07.07.2016: Canon EOS 5D Mark III, 420 mm, ISO 800, f […]