Niall Benvie – Golden plover at dusk

Andrew Raynor   There are quiet a few things to like about Iceland but for me one of the best is the abundance of many species of animals and plants that are on the absolute edge of their range in my native Scotland. Another nice feature is that montane species at home can be found […]

Jonathan Lhoir – The White stripes

Andrew Raynor   Chipmunks are very common in Canada. They gave me good opportunities to take a lot a pictures of them. Here, I was attracted by the stripes of the stairs and those of the Chipmunck. Location: Québec Posted on: 28/08/2016Photo info – 07.07.2016: Canon EOS 5D Mark III, 420 mm, ISO 800, f […]

Orsolya Haarberg & Erlend Haarberg – Wrapped in clouds

Andrew Raynor   Clouds often sit like a lid over the mountains of Sarek in Sweden. We were tenting nearby the top of Vuoinestjåkkå on a snow patch, and had only a few minutes to photograph the landscape when it cleared up and we could catch a glimpse of what is behind the thick blanket […]

Sandra Bartocha – Swedish summers

Andrew Raynor   Warm evening light … hitting the understory of the forest … mosquitos dancing …A typical LYS image. The preorder for our new book about the North of Europe will start at the 1st September 2016. 😀 Location: Sweden Posted on: 24/08/2016Photo info – 25.05.2013: NIKON D800, 190 mm, ISO 100, f […]

Daróczi Csaba РAntlions

Andrew Raynor   Daróczi Csaba – Antlions Antlions in sunset Posted on: 22/08/2016 Photo info – 10.07.2016: NIKON D750, 280 mm, ISO 2500, f 4, 1/2500 sec, Flash: not used Andy Raynor Dover NH

Cindy Jeannon – Connexion

Andrew Raynor   “When the realms of the night were finally upon me and the obscurity had encircled me as would a gently coiling snake, my breath was subdued, my heartbeats calmed and my imagination reached out to nature, both sinuous and strange.Just as the beauty of stars is enhanced in contrast to their surrounding […]

Joanna Antosik – Trumpeter

Andrew Raynor   You always have to wait for the right moment. Location: Mazovia, Poland Posted on: 20/08/2016 Photo info – Canon 100/2,8: Canon EOS 70D, 100 mm, ISO 400, f 3, 1/3200 sec, Flash: not used Andy Raynor Dover NH

Heike Odermatt – Common eiders

Andrew Raynor   When we passed with our sailing boat this mountain on Svalbard,  I saw in front of it this group of common eiders next to each other resting on the ice. It was a gray day and all was more like ‘black and white,’ so I photographed this scene as high key to make it more […]

Irma Varrio & Ari-Matti Nikula – Reflection Impression

Andrew Raynor   A reflection in pond Karhunjuomalampi late summer evening last summer in the Pyhä-Luosto National park in Lapland Finland. Prayer of the forest in the silence. Location: Pyhä-Luosto National park, Lapland, Finland Posted on: 17/08/2016Photo info – 20.6.2015, Canon EOS 6D, E 100-400 mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM, 105 mm, ISO 400, 1/80 sec […]

Markus Varesvuo – Spotted Redshank on its first migration

Andrew Raynor   A juvenile Spotted Redshank (Tringa erythropus) was wading in the shallow water and foraging for food, having landed on the shores of Utö island in the Baltic Sea on its migration journey from breeding grounds in the far north to wintering grounds in the warm south. The adults had left already, well […]