Markus Varesvuo – Osprey Couple

Andrew Raynor   The Osprey – Pandion haliaetus – is a true cosmopolite; its range covers the world apart from Antarctica. Ospreys mate for life. In Finland, they arrive from migration around mid-April after wintering in Africa, and settle on their nests. I took this picture on the couple’s first day back. Location: Vaala, Finland […]

Alex Mustard – Damselfish Dream

Andrew Raynor   A choccy dip damselfish floats over backlit hard corals, rendered into a pleasing bokeh by a Trioplan lens. Location: Fury Shoal, Egypt Posted on: 13/07/2016Photo info – 02.11.2015: NIKON D7200, ISO 100, 1/200 sec, Flash: not used, Trioplan lens, f/2.8 Andy Raynor Dover NH

Iñaki Relanzón – Flying fulmar in Iceland

Andrew Raynor   Skogafoss waterfall, in Iceland, is a impressive place and a must in a photographic trip. But during my last times there, I’m always focusing my eyes and my camera in the fulmars nesting around and behind the waterfall. They fly around, and the water splash them all time long, and the scene […]

Theo Bosboom – Lestes sponsa

Andrew Raynor   A portrait of an emerald damselfy (lestes sponsa) with flowering heather in the background. Because it was a very windy day, I needed to take a lot of pictures to get one sharp. I focussed on the remarkable compound eye. Location: The Netherlands Posted on: 11/07/2016Photo info – 27.06.2016: Canon EOS 5DS […]

Oriol Alamany – Pyrenean Brown bear cubs

Andrew Raynor   I have been working on the Pyrenean Brown Bears for some years now. They are only around 40 individuals in a 415 km long mountain range and they are extremely difficult to find. It’s an endurance photographic work. One month ago, last June, and thanks to the biologist Marc Alonso, I saw my first pyrenean Brown Bear mother […]

Sepp Hackhofer – Out of the clouds

Andrew Raynor   The Dolomites have a fascinating history. The Dolomite-Rock, named after Deodat the Dolomieu, a french geologist, was formed in a shallow Tropical sea about 230 Millions of years ago. Ones these mountains were called, the “pale mountains”. On this Picture you can see the Cadini-peaks situated close to Cortina d`Ampezzo. I particularly […]

Zoltán Gergely Nagy – Defender of wilderness

Andrew Raynor   Overlooking some great Carpathian forests, these towers have so far kept even the most ambitious loggers away from these slopes. Having just spent two months in the plains of southern Romania, and in the Danube Delta, I’m very much looking forward to the cold season already, and to exploring the Carpathians again. […]

Angel Fitor – The chamber

Andrew Raynor   Equipped with a special lens, and self made fiber optic lightning, the intimacy of a concealed breeding male tompot blenny while guarding the many clutches of his multiple partners, is revealed. Certainly a kind of surgical photography. From February to June, males intensely court females from the opening of their narrow shelters. […]

Werner Bollmann – Last Glow

Andrew Raynor   Early summer in the Swedish forests, when the night is not a night anymore. Final glow in the underwoods and later a mystical bluish light. Dreamtime… Location: Sweden Posted on: 04/07/2016Photo info – 30.05.2013: NIKON D800, 200 mm, ISO 200, f 3, 1/160 sec, Flash: not used Andy Raynor Dover NH

Roy Mangersnes – Arctic Ivory

Andrew Raynor   The Ivory gull always makes me stop and watch, even if I have seen it many times before. There is something pure and unique about this white angle of the north. Location: Spitsbergen, Svalbard, Norway Posted on: 02/07/2016Photo info – 13.06.2016: NIKON D4S, 550 mm, ISO 200, f 4, 1/2500 sec, Flash: […]