Andrew Raynor G is for Green Redwoods in California It is no doubt a color that symbolizes ‘nature’ to most people.   It is a color we look forward to after a long winter.   It’s psychology is associated with balance and harmony.   I also find it a soothing pick for the AtoZChallenge‘s 7th […]

Sepp Hackhofer – Spring-Beauty

Andrew Raynor   The fritillary (Fritillaria meleagris) is one of the rare jewels of European Flora. It can be found only in very few places, but where it occurs it can be quite numerous. I travelled about 300 km one way to take a good look and to get some nice photographs. But, it is […]


Andrew Raynor F is for F*%@! Oh yes, a great letter in the AtoZChallenge, and none other than the “F word!”   The expletive that could be used on any number of occasions as a photographer.  Hmm, I am sure I uttered it or something to the effect on a few occasions…sometimes it just comes out. […]

Zoltán Gergely Nagy – Beginning with Steller’s Eiders

Andrew Raynor   Zoltád Gergely Nagy – Beginning with Steller’s Eiders Desire chicken within an elegant environment, about the coastline of Finnmark, Norway.  – The appeal of ‘The North’! Location: Finnmark, Norway Published on: 07/04/2016Picture data – 06.03.2016: NIKON D800, 300 mm, ISO 1600, F – 3, 1/640 sec, Display: not utilized Labels: dawn, Norway, […]


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Andrew Raynor N is for Detroit Our neighborhood… a wide variety of encounters, ideas, myths, problems, civilizations, and surroundings. It’s also a significant large “N” to defend myself against to get a single-post within this AtoZ Problem.   It’s a hard susceptible to maintain easy.  Detroit indicates a large number of items to a variety […]

Angel Fitor – Cheers!

Andrew Raynor   A baby octopus uses an empty beer bottle as shelter. A sophisticated cousin of snails and clams, octopuses developed an unmatched intelligence among invertebrates in order to supply the natural protection of their armoured relatives. Overall, marine garbage is among the greatest environmental issues oceans confront today, however, at least for this […]


Andrew Raynor Continuing my involvement in the AtoZ Challenge … and bringing in my passion and concerns for our oceans … C is for Coral Reef life off of Little Cayman island, Cayman Islands, Caribbean sea | RF-9582, Nikon D700, Nauticam housing Everyone knows (or should know) that the El Niño for 2015/2016 continues to […]

Werner Bollmann – Spring Dawn

Andrew Raynor   The night time continues to be cold cold and also the bog is coated with hoarfrost. The male black grouses had appeared on the lek hrs before when it nevertheless was totally dim, just their flapping wings and unusual calls reveiled their existence. Today they have a small relaxation from their battles, […]

Sven Začek – Storm riders

Andrew Raynor   Golden morning light over raging Baltic Sea. Flock of gulls were enjoying themselves and looking for small fish that get blasted about by waves of this magnitude. Location: Estonia Posted on: 03/04/2016Photo info – Winter: Nikon D4s + Nikkor 300mm F28 VRII + Nikkor TC-20EIII. F8 1/2000 ISO 250. Andy Raynor Dover […]