Michel D’Oultremont – Night

Andrew Raynor   Comment We’d love you to comment on our photographs. If you can, please do so in English. And as we are here under our own names, we’d appreciate if you would do the same when commenting. * optionalYour email address will not be published. Name Email * Website * CAPTCHA Code Andy […]

Sandra Bartocha – Zen

Andrew Raynor   Found on the island of Bornholm … a small lake in the forest area of Paradisbakkerne … a beautiful little biotope … with cotton grass islands, sundew and water lilies. Location: Paradisbakkerne, Bornholm, Denmark Posted on: 24/06/2016Photo info – 10.06.2016: NIKON D810, 48 mm, ISO 200, f 16, 1/10 sec, Flash: not […]

Laurent Nedelec – Pyrenean postcard

Andrew Raynor   Laurent Nedelec – Pyrenean postcard The “cirque de Gavarnie” is probably the most popular place in the Pyrénées. There are some reasons why. Location: French Pyrénées Posted on: 23/06/2016Photo info – 15.07.2014: NIKON D3S, 24 mm, ISO 800, f 11, 5/30 sec, Flash: not used Tags: mountain, Pyrenees Andy Raynor Dover NH

Cindy Jeannon – The Wind of Dreams

Andrew Raynor   ”Time dilated. The pace of humans and their clocks was no longer of any importance. All that remained were the days and nights, the rainstorms and sunshine, as I let time flow through me, no longer a constraint but rather a gentle and healing caress.” The wind Of Dreams : Location: […]

Joanna Antosik – Wave of love

Andrew Raynor   The photo was taken at a small lake where they live Gerris lacustris, water reservoir is located in the alder forest. The picture shows a very intimate scene from the life of these little animals. The image was created in Kampinos National Park in Poland. Location: Kampinos National Park, Poland Posted on: […]

Dorin Bofan – Remembering winter

Andrew Raynor   Summer has never been a favorite season of mine, so here’s a winter image to bring a little bit of coolness. Location: Ceahlau, Carpathians, Romania Posted on: 19/06/2016Photo info – 22/01/2016: Canon 650d Canon 70-200 f/4 at 70mm f/5.6 20s iso 200 Andy Raynor Dover NH

Heike Odermatt – Strabrechtse heide

Andrew Raynor   Two years after a big wildfire I visited this place several times. Where two years earlier grew plenty of heather now it was fully with pioneer plants. To create more atmosphere in this image I turned the zoom ring during the shot so this is no double exposure. Posted on: 18/06/2016Photo info – 22.07.2012: Canon EOS 5D […]

Irma Varrio & Ari-Matti Nikula – Rocky Slope Impression

Andrew Raynor   Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park in western Lapland, Finland, offers rugged aesthetics of rocky slopes. In the lap of these grey giants you can feel almost unforgettable silence and peace. Location: Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park, Lapland, Finland Posted on: 17/06/2016Photo info – 16.06.2016: Canon EOS 6D, 400 mm, ISO 100, f 11, 1/500 sec, Flash: […]