Iñaki Relanzón – King penguins in Falkland Islands

Andrew Raynor   We just returned from my Falkland Islands photo-workshop. The locations were incredibles, but I was surprised how good was growing the Volunteer Point colony. When I was there, the colony had only about 800 kings. And this year, the colony was almost 1000 breeding pairs, mostly of them already with medium size […]


Andrew Raynor Just Keep Swimming Imagine a world where there is no waste. Imagine equal value between nature and necessity. Imagine reading your dog’s mind. Imagine we are not alone in the universe. Imagine if we could see forward in time so we could go back for a do-over. Imagine a species bill of rights. […]

Theo Bosboom – Endless

Andrew Raynor   Moving water fascinates me deeply and it has been one of my favourite subjects for a long time. One of the things that attracts me is that the movement goes on endlessly – the water in this tiny waterfall keeps falling – but still it looks different at each visit, depending on […]

Oriol Alamany – Spring in the mountains

Andrew Raynor   Heather and broom in bloom, with ash and birch trees in Somiedo. Last spring, after spending a week looking for and photographing grizzly bears in the mountains of Asturias, I spent the last day there to calmly stroll and photograph the colorful explosion of the spring in these mountains of northern Spain. In this composition […]


Andrew Raynor H is for Herps I had to type that one carefully for this day 8 entry into the AtoZ Challenge.   One extra letter or wrong letter and I am either attracting the “wrong” crowd or some foodie will wander in here wondering what kind of weird recipes I am promoting here.   […]

Marc Steichen – The Daffodils Trio

Andrew Raynor   Marc Steichen – The Daffodils Trio Every time I visit one of my favorite places in Luxembourg, where bloom wild daffodils (Narcissus pseudonarcissus), the first lines of William Wordsworth’s poem “I wonder lonely as a cloud” (1815) come to my mind : . “I wandered lonely as a cloud That floats on […]


Andrew Raynor G is for Green Redwoods in California It is no doubt a color that symbolizes ‘nature’ to most people.   It is a color we look forward to after a long winter.   It’s psychology is associated with balance and harmony.   I also find it a soothing pick for the AtoZChallenge‘s 7th […]

Sepp Hackhofer – Spring-Beauty

Andrew Raynor   The fritillary (Fritillaria meleagris) is one of the rare jewels of European Flora. It can be found only in very few places, but where it occurs it can be quite numerous. I travelled about 300 km one way to take a good look and to get some nice photographs. But, it is […]


Andrew Raynor F is for F*%@! Oh yes, a great letter in the AtoZChallenge, and none other than the “F word!”   The expletive that could be used on any number of occasions as a photographer.  Hmm, I am sure I uttered it or something to the effect on a few occasions…sometimes it just comes out. […]

Zoltán Gergely Nagy – Beginning with Steller’s Eiders

Andrew Raynor   Zoltád Gergely Nagy – Beginning with Steller’s Eiders Desire chicken within an elegant environment, about the coastline of Finnmark, Norway.  – The appeal of ‘The North’! Location: Finnmark, Norway Published on: 07/04/2016Picture data – 06.03.2016: NIKON D800, 300 mm, ISO 1600, F – 3, 1/640 sec, Display: not utilized Labels: dawn, Norway, […]