Angel Fitor – Cheers!

Andrew Raynor   A baby octopus uses an empty beer bottle as shelter. A sophisticated cousin of snails and clams, octopuses developed an unmatched intelligence among invertebrates in order to supply the natural protection of their armoured relatives. Overall, marine garbage is among the greatest environmental issues oceans confront today, however, at least for this […]


Andrew Raynor Continuing my involvement in the AtoZ Challenge … and bringing in my passion and concerns for our oceans … C is for Coral Reef life off of Little Cayman island, Cayman Islands, Caribbean sea | RF-9582, Nikon D700, Nauticam housing Everyone knows (or should know) that the El Niño for 2015/2016 continues to […]

Werner Bollmann – Spring Dawn

Andrew Raynor   The night time continues to be cold cold and also the bog is coated with hoarfrost. The male black grouses had appeared on the lek hrs before when it nevertheless was totally dim, just their flapping wings and unusual calls reveiled their existence. Today they have a small relaxation from their battles, […]

Sven Začek – Storm riders

Andrew Raynor   Golden morning light over raging Baltic Sea. Flock of gulls were enjoying themselves and looking for small fish that get blasted about by waves of this magnitude. Location: Estonia Posted on: 03/04/2016Photo info – Winter: Nikon D4s + Nikkor 300mm F28 VRII + Nikkor TC-20EIII. F8 1/2000 ISO 250. Andy Raynor Dover […]


Andrew Raynor Yes, my involvement in the AtoB Challenge continues.   A wasn’t for April fools!   The fact is, despite being a bit nervous about a commitment of 26 posts in a month (except Sundays!), I am looking forward to it a bit.  Hey, it’s early and a good time to be naieve right? B […]

Roy Mangersnes – Simply Svalbard

Andrew Raynor   I love shooting the simple structures of the Arctic. The subtle lines of black and grey on a white canvas. There are images to be made everywhere, and my mind is constantly working to frame the different landscapes that I see. Sometimes the simplest of structures and shapes make me stop and […]


Andrew Raynor I have really let my posting frequency drop off over the past two years and have recently encountered a challenge that I thought might energize my posting.   It is called the AtoZ Challenge that has been around for a number of years, but I only discovered it recently.   I was quite […]

Jaak Põder – Acrobat

Andrew Raynor   Happy April Fool’s day! ::) Location: Estonia Posted on: 01/04/2016 Photo info – 02.07.2008: Canon EOS-1D Mark II N, 252 mm, ISO 500, f 10, 1/50 sec, Flash: not used Andy Raynor Dover NH

Bruno D’Amicis – Enduring bad weather

Andrew Raynor   The weather forecast seemed horrible, it was cold and raining and everything was telling us to stay home. But some cold wind coming from the north might have still changed things. So we’ve decided to go out anyway, betting on that place close home which I knew so well. The place nobody goes to but where we could hope […]

João Cosme – Cabra-montês

Andrew Raynor   João Cosme – Cabra-montês Posted on: 30/03/2016 Photo info – 16.02.2016: NIKON D800, 86 mm, ISO 500, f 8, 1/400 sec, Flash: not used Andy Raynor Dover NH