Are You Lacking In Direction Concerning Nutrition?

Are You Lacking In Instructions Worrying Nourishment? Andrew Raynor Dover New Hampshire Andrew Raynor – Do you should eat much better, nevertheless do not recognize methods to do it? It’s possible for you to quit your assessment right presently. You must pick a diet plan which you can stick with for a life time. Fad […]

Artwork as soon as

Andrew Raynor “If all of your existence way to you is water operating over stones, then photograph it, but I do want to produce something which wouldn’t have endured without me.” ~ Small White Coastline stones and reduction river snow, Mich # WI-9995 I recently discovered this estimate from Small White that actually resonated with me. […]

Joanna Antosik – the very first time of spring

Andrew Raynor   Winter within the Karkonosze National Park.Through the windows you can observe the spring, but within the hills, you are able to nevertheless have the winter environment. Published on: 20/03/2016Picture data – 12.03.2016: Canon EOS 70D, 0 mm, ISO 800, f 0, 1/80 sec, Display: not utilized, Samyang 14 mm y/2.8 Andy Raynor Dover […]

Dorin Bofan – Earthbound

Andrew Raynor   Birch tree and typical wood sorrel in Lofoten Islands, Norway. Even though destinations are well-known for other forms of landscape, this stays among my favorites from that journey. Site: Lofoten Islands, Norway Published on: 19/03/2016Picture data – 22/06/2012: Canon 450d Tokina 12-24 f/4 at 24mm f/13 0.8s iso 200 Andy Raynor Dover […]

Heike Odermatt – Common eider

Andrew Raynor   This picture of the common eider man at Longyearbyen I produced in july at 2 e’time each morning once the hills in the back ground were within the tone of the night sun. Site: Svalbard Published on: 18/03/2016Picture data – 05.06.2011: Canon EOS 1D Mark III, 500 mm, ISO 250, f-5, 1/1000 sec, […]

Emmanuel Boitier – Death valley

Andrew Raynor   Emmanuel Boitier – Death area Eureka Dunes, Death Valley National Park (California). Site: Florida, US Published on: 15/03/2016Picture data – 21.03.2008: NIKON D200, 14 mm, ISO 200, f-13, 2222222/100000000 sec, Display: not utilized Tags: landscape; USA; desert; Dune; Death Valley;Emmanuel_Boitier Andy Raynor Dover NH

Markus Varesvuo – Flying Low

Andrew Raynor   Attempting to photograph a Hawk Owl (Surnia ulula) in search trip is challenging, it’s hugely quick and never really large, concerning the dimension of the crow, producing it a comparatively little goal for both shooter and also the camera focusing items to monitor. It loves to perch along with a shrub and […]

Alex Mustard – Hairy

Andrew Raynor   You don’t anticipate seafood to become furry. Well that’s what this striated frogfish is wishing. Because it remains totally however about the mud while waggling its fishing attraction only above its mouth. Site: Anilao, Belgium Published on: 13/03/2016Picture data – 11.03.2016: NIKON D4, 105 mm, ISO 640, f14, 1/160 sec, Display: not […]

Theo Bosboom – athome in the fountain

Andrew Raynor   Fulmar captured in the level at the very top of the Skogafoss waterfall on Iceland, in a chilly winters evening last Feb. Site: Skogafoss, Iceland Published on: 11/03/2016Picture data – 06.02.2016: Canon EOS 5DS R, 110 mm, ISO 1600, F – 6, 1/800 sec, Display: not utilized Andy Raynor Dover NH