Chasing Vibrant Sky

In landscape photography no matter how beautiful the scenery being photographed, having a dramatic and vibrant sky can be the difference between a so-so and a So Good! photograph. Forget about clear skies. For the most dramatic skies with the most vibrant colors you need clouds. Not just a few little wisps of clouds either, you need […]

Michigan Nature Photos | Twenty Fifteen

Andrew Raynor Year Nine, wow, this photography tradition of looking back on the past year’s photographs seems to be sticking.   I have Jim Goldstein to thank for his annual photo project prompting so many others to also share in looking back on their own work.  The year end is always a great time to […]

When is it done?

Andrew Raynor A colorful fall scene with snow in Michigan… that didn’t require much other than being there, seeing this composition and clicking a button. I am a supporter of Gary Numan’s latest project on PledgeMusic, which is a pledge campaign to support the creation of his 21st album.   He is doing it as […]

To Develop vs. To Process

Andrew Raynor Forest Floor Fall Leaves, Sturgeon River Wilderness, Michigan A frequent question I am often asked by my wife when returning from a trip is “Did you get any good pictures?”  My frequent answer – “Maybe…”   Often my answer comes just from thinking about the things I may have witnessed, but whether I […]

Give Lens Flare The Finger!

Have you ever taken what you thought was a killer landscape photo only to get home and find it unusable, ruined by the dreaded lens flare? Some lens flare is good, think of those light rays emanating from the sun. Some  lens flare is bad, like the big balls of color in the photo above. Would […]

Healing Power of Nature

Andrew Raynor Nature print by Mark Graf accents a patient lodge at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital, Michigan The heading of this post is really no surprise to those that already enjoy being outdoors, hiking, and exploring.  Most recently I experienced it being quite under the weather with a bad cold during my trip to […]

The Scenic Overlook

Andrew Raynor Westward fall views at sunrise of Presque National Forest, Isle, and Lake Superior, Michigan from atop Sugarloaf Mountain. I suppose anyone that has done any road tripping has come across the signs… Scenic Overlook Ahead.   In the Detroit area, it may as well be an endangered species, if not extinct.   That […]

My Happy Place

The White Mountain National Forest. Over the past two weekends I’ve had the pleasure of leading a handful of workshop clients, (one all the way from Jordan!) throughout the White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire. From waterfalls to high mountain peaks to beautiful autumn foliage, the WMNF is my Happy Place! This slideshow requires […]